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Smoke in the North 2016 | Info for teams
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Info for teams


The contest will take place at the parking lot of our Restaurant at the golf course in Gunnilse / Gothenburg ( 25 min drive from Gothenburg down town  by car )  .

Address :
Kroksjövägen 1,  42456 Gunnilse , Sweden
The Teams are welcome to set up and sign in at Friday  from 12.00  ´clock .


We plan again on a BBQ evening on Friday night  and would be glad if you will join for some BBQ food and a cold one 🙂 . We plan to have a luck pot dinner , every one bring some food and we sit together and share and have a good time . ( a plan for different dishes you like to do will follow so it will be a good feast 😉 )


Teams will be provided with 230 V 10 A power – please bring an extension cable of minimum 20 meters length , Water close to the team area , Ice for a small fee ,  the option to shower , and rent privat toiletts ( more info soon )!

Each Team will get a spot of 6x 4 meters , teams with trailer or need for more space please contact us asap under info@flamingpigbbq.com

From Saturday on we will serve Breakfast for Teams and Judges for a small fee in the Flaming Pig Restaurant / Tent,  depending on the weather.


Teams with  special requests , as cooker , grills , smoker ,  tents and other equipment , this is mainly for teams that fly in or travel far !!! please send your request to l  info@flamingpigbbq.com   .


You can order meat from us just like last year, pre-order and pre-paid – submit your order and payment at the latest one month before the contest. Available cuts are:

Beef brisket – Creekstone Farms USDA Prime Black Angus full packers
Boston butt
Spare ribs

more info to come soon. Send your questions and orders to info@flamingpigbbq.com and we’ll get back to you.