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Smoke in the North 2016 | Welcome
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Welcome to Smoke in the North III !

6&7 of August 2016

Smoke in the North the first KCBS sanctioned BBQ contest in Scandinavia ever , will be there for the third time in 2016.
We the Organizers , Jenny and Thomas of the Flaming Pig BBQ team started  the first KCBS contest here at the beautyfull west coast of Sweden where we run our BBQ Restaurant and BBQ buisiness, here at the Restaurant at an  Golf Course  we have all the facilities to setup our  BBQ competition.
2014 was the first contest and we wanted to keep it small, being the first time and wanted to grow slow and the right way and learn to organize a perfect contest ,.Well that didn’t work out as expected, Teams came from all over as the Judges did and we ended up bigger than we first planed , but learned a big deal as we hoped and got ready for more  .
Teams arrived early as the way to us up north takes some time , a lot of teams took some extra time and arrived on Friday , which resulted in a relaxed being together the  night before the contest with great BBQ , Beers and good times . In 2015 we was growing and had 28 teams and a awesome contest with a great atmosphere . We are looking forward to welcome you in August 2016, there will be  a limit of 30 Teams and  we cooperate with the Oslofjord BBQ Challange in Norway , what will be held the following weekend ,  just a four hour road trip from Gothenburg. We named it the Nordic BBQ Alliance and the best over all Team of both contests will be the Nordic BBQ Alliance Champion . Special for teams that travel from far or from oversea´s it is a great opertunety to do 2 contests with just one time travel .
For more info check the Nordic BBQ Alliance section .
We are looking forward to welcome you at Smoke in the North !
Jenny & Thomas
The official part of the contest will be again in the hands of the KCBS REPs, Wayne Lohman & Luca Famigli


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